This research center aims to produce high-performance materials with structural and functional properties well enhanced using a process of giant straining (so-called severe plastic deformation process). The center consists of four main divisions such as (1) GS process division, (2) structural materials division, (3) functional materials division and (4) materials characterization division. The center explores not only the mechanisms for the enhanced properties but also practical application of the materials.



Kyushu University
Professor Zenji Horita (Director)
Assistant Professor Makoto Arita  
Assistant Professor Yoshifumi Ikoma  
Assistant Professor Kaveh Edalati (WPI-I2CNER)
Other institutions
Professor Nobuhiro Tsuji (Kyoto University)
Professor Takao Hanawa (Tokyo Med. Dent. Univ.)
Professor Masaki Mito (Kyushu Insitute of Technology)
  Professor Qixin Guo (Saga University)
Associate Professor Terukazu Nishizaki (Kyushu Sangyo University)
Associate Professor Yoji Mine (Kumamoto University)
Associate Professor Masashi Watanabe (Lehigh University)


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