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Giant Straining process

We develop novel GS processes without any significant change in the overall dimensions of the workpiece.
The SPD-processing has unique properties such as:
 (1) Sub-micron grain refinement
 (2) Refinement and dispersion of second-phase perticles
 (3) Formation of a supersaturated solid solution
 (4) Alloying without melting
 (5) Composition of chemically different materials
 (6) Powder consolidification without sintering
 (7) Controlling the crystal orientations
 (8) High-pressure induced phase transformations
There are several SPD processes listed below. We develop a large-scale high-pressure torsion and continuous high-pressure sliding.

写真 HPS: T. Fujioka and Z. Horita, Materials Transactions, 50, 930-933, (2009)