Last update: August 9, 2016.


The workshop ended with success. Thank you for attending. [Workshop photo] Photo gallery is available here.

GSAM2015 general title and welcome word

We very much welcome to GSAM2015 Workshop. We would like to ask you to present your recent research work. We will exchange idea on severe plastic deformation (SPD) and related materials. This workshop focuses on

Exploring SPD Potential: Innovative Approach for Production of High-Performance Materials

I look forward to seeing you at GSAM2015 in Fukuoka.

GSAM2015 Chairman
 Zenji Horita: Professor and Director,
 International Research Center on Giant Straining for Advanced Materials
 (IRC-GSAM), Kyushu University


We discuss the topics not only from structural properties but also from functional properties of the SPD-processed materials.
The following properties can be the subjects for the discussion:

  1. high strength and/or high ductility, superplasticity
  2. hydrogen diffusion, hydrogen storage, hydrogen embirttlement
  3. electrical conductivity, superconductivity
  4. thermoelectric, dielectric, magnetic
  5. biocompatibility, corrosion resistance, irradiation resistance
  6. semiconductors, ceramics.


GSAM2015 is held as an activity of the International Research Center on Giant Straining for Advanced Materials (IRC-GSAM) at Kyushu University.