Last update: August 18, 2016.


The workshop ended with success. Thank you for your participation and contribution. Now, the general workshop photos are available in
[Workshop photo]. You also visit [Photo gallery] for more.

GSAM2016 general title and welcome words

We very much welcome your participation in GSAM2016 Workshop. We would like to ask you to present your research work. We will exchange idea on severe plastic deformation and related materials. This workshop is organized with the following title:

Promoting Functionality by Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD):
Significance of Lattice Defects and Phase Transformation

I look forward to seeing you at GSAM2016 in Fukuoka.

GSAM2016 Chairman
 Zenji Horita: Professor and Director,
 International Research Center on Giant Straining for Advanced Materials
 (IRC-GSAM), Kyushu University


This workshop focuses on the role of lattice defects and phase transformation introduced by SPD for promoting the functionality of materials. We will discuss the role in terms of electron conductivity and hydrogen behavior because both are sensitive to the lattice defects and crystal structures.
The following keywords can be the subjects for the discussion in this workshop. We will welcome any presentations of the related research.

  Keywords for electron and hydrogen behavior
    electrical conductivity, hydrogen diffusion, hydrogen permeability,
    hydrogen storage,lattice defects, phase transformation
  Keywords for SPD processes
    high-pressure torsion (HPT), equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP),
    ball milling (BM), accumulative roll bonding (ARB),
    multi directional forging (MDF), etc.


GSAM2016 is held as an activity of the International Research Center on Giant Straining for Advanced Materials (IRC-GSAM) at Kyushu University.